Martin Chavez

He likes to shoot people with his gun


Martin Chavez is six feet tall and rangy. He has straight black hair, a fierce, hawklike face, and habitually wears either a brooding, surly expression, or a coldly murderous one. There’s a scar at the corner of his lip that pulls his mouth into a permanent sneer.

By the end of this adventure he’ll also have a stark white streak through his hair, a twitching eye, and an ashen grey complexion.


Martin Chavez is half apache, a quarter Mexican, and a quarter Irish. He’s never really fit in anywhere, running away from his mother’s people at a young age and drifting into a life of banditry. His gang raided both sides of the Mexican border, but eventually, with the law closing in, several members of his gang betrayed their hideout to the authorities and escaped with a couple of years worth of accumulated loot.
Chavez shot his way out and escaped, then hunted down his treacherous compadres one by one. Only Jesus “Dirty” Sanchez, who hates Chavez almost as much as Chavez hates him, is still alive, but the trail is stone cold.

Martin Chavez

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